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> Are you using 2.2 as a PDC? or are you using it in security=domain mode?
> If you are using it as a PDC of its own domain, then you have to add unix
> accounts of the form (netbiosmachinename$:*:uid:gid:comment::)
> for each NT machine that will be part of the domain, as well as doing a 
> smbpasswd -a -m netbiosmachinename  (without the $, it gets appended
> automatically) to get your machine account into the smbpasswd file.

It's a PDC by itself. Do I have to add it to my /etc/passwd or just
smbpasswd (i.e. the file, then run smbpasswd).
You have to add it both to your /etc/passwd file and via smbpasswd command -
if you DON't add it to your /etc/passwd file, the smbpasswd command will


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