Linuxconf fails to start Samba automatically

Munsterman, Kevin KMunsterman at
Tue Jan 30 19:17:00 GMT 2001

at the command line :chkconfig smb on 
should get samba to start on boot up i have seen things that linuxconf
seems to have problems configuring things like this so the command line
allways works

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Subject: Linuxconf fails to start Samba automatically

I'm running Red Hat 7.0 and using linuxconf to start Samba.  However, when I
set smb to start automatically the setting isn't saved.  I can use linuxconf
to control the service manually and it starts and stops just fine, but not
automatically.  My thought is that Red Hat 7.0 uses xinetd instead of inetd,
but that linuxconf is affecting only inetd?

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