I have a problem !?!

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Depends.  How many clients do you have?  I am running a samba server as
a PDC, serving 250+ clients with 7 shared apps, and 52 sharded printers.
It is also my WINS server, my DHCP server, my Intranet (and Internet)
server, and my Squid proxy server.  It will take on other roles as well
( I hate NT and am migrating as much as possible from it. )

My machine is a Dell Optiplex GX1 with a 30 GB hardrive, Pentium III
400MHz processor, and 128MB of RAM.  My average processor load is less
than 2%.


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Hi to you all,

I have a HPUX file-server which runs samba for security of the file
We (Are I.T team) have getting to a capacity there we are running out of
addresses and are considering solutions, one (being the only one) is to
are existing file server + samba system as a WINS server - the problem
will it then overwork are HPUX system ?


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