help with Samba.

Urban Widmark urban at
Tue Jan 30 18:38:38 GMT 2001

> joan wrote:
> > 
> > I have a client that had Samba installed by someone 
> > no longer available for help. The current installation 
> > never worked however, Samba periodically fills up 
> > the root directory on the unix machine. (The log
> > file fills up the root directory). I would like to 
> > try to unistall the current installation of Samba however 
> > I don't know how to do this. If not uninstall then I 
> > would like to shut it down. I would appreciate any
> > help I could get with this.

Find the smb.conf file, /etc or /usr/local/samba are good places to start 
looking (locate/find). If you rename this file samba should refuse to 
start again. Kill any running smbd and nmbd processes (kill -TERM <pid>).

To clean up try to locate samba using whatever package management system 
your machine may be using. If you can find it you should be able to remove 
samba that way.

If no package manager was used it may be difficult to know which files 
came from samba and not.

The default samba install location is /usr/local/samba.

Check if smbd is run from /etc/inetd.conf and remove it if it is (smbd and
nmbd). Check your startupscripts for references to smbd, nmbd, samba ...
Remove the logfiles from the root dir and be happy.


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