Configuring Solaris to print in printer connected to WINNT

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Tue Jan 30 00:31:48 GMT 2001

What kind of response would you expect if you walked up to a mechanic
and said "My car doesn't work.  It's a Honda.  Fords and Chevies work,
why won't mine?"  

He or she'd probably want to have a little additional info besides "it
doesn't work."

Send me details off the list, and I'll see if I can help you.  The Samba
list is probably not the best place to post a general Linux question.

The Archimage

Chuck Lundy wrote:
> Why does Linux freeze during install?  I tried everything, Red Hat, Corel,
> BSD, etc and none work.  I've checked computer hardware compaitbility, i've
> tried different hard drives....this sucks.  Windows 2000 loads right up!
> I've tried, but this is gettin ridiculous. Anyw help?
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> Subject: Configuring Solaris to print in printer connected to WINNT
> Hi,
> I'm can't make this work, I don't had very much problems configuring Linux
> to access the printer, but in solaris i don't know to do it. Can soneone
> help me i there any HOWTO...
> Thanks....

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