When will Samba support...?

Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Mon Jan 29 17:30:52 GMT 2001

david.touster at acecomm.com wrote:
> Hi,
> When do you feel Samba will support the same "sharing 
> it's directories and/or printers" capabilities as a 
> Windows 2000 Server (in member server mode only) that 
> has joined a Windows 2000 AD Domain?
> (with respect to users of the shares using Kerberos 
> authentication to a Windows 2000 AD Domain Controller, 
> and other protocol related issues - ie: not using 
> NTLM Authentications, etc.)

No ETA on this one.  No official effort has started yet.
Just conversations on what would be required.

> From everything I have read, a Windows NT Server in 
> member server mode (non-Domain Controller), Workstation, 
> or even 9x, even without installing the "AD Client" can work 
> in a Windows 2000 AD in Native Mode because the PDC 
> Emulator portion of the AD Domain Controller will service 
> these systems.  Microsoft says that the only time that 
> one can not use AD in Native Mode is when there are 
> NT Domain Controllers still in the domain. (might not be 
> able to use Native Mode's "Universal Groups" under this
> situation, but otherwise everything else should be OK 
> - I have not tested - just read from many sources - 
> from Windows 2000 Mag (non-Microsoft), from
> Microsoft's TechNet & WEB, etc.)

This is correct.

> How about: when and if Samba (in Member Server type 
> mode) will understand Universal Groups and completely 
> support the Windows 2000 AD domain in native mode?

See above :-)

Cheers, jerry
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