Problems with Win98 clients...

Scott S. Nicholson scottn at
Mon Jan 29 20:44:06 GMT 2001

I've replaced the NT server at my father's accounting office with a Linux
box running Samba, and I've gotten everything working as it should...

Each client (Win98) has a couple of shares mapped to drive letters. About
75% of the time, when you boot a client and enter login/password it'll try
to connect to the server for several seconds and then pop up a "The Network
is Busy" message. Sometimes it'll manage to connect on the second mapped
share, sometimes you get a "Network Busy" message on that one, too.

Once the computer has finished booting, they can go into Windows Explorer
and click the mapped drive on the left pane, and usually the connection will
then be made with no problems. (Although it occasionally takes two tries
even in Explorer)

Regardless of when the connection is made (on the first attempt at boot, on
the second attempt at boot, or when the mapped drive is selected in Windows
Explorer) once it's made, it stays made (no problems whatsoever) until they
reboot the computer, then the whole thing starts over again.

I've got a setup similar to theirs at my home (same version of Samba,
running on Debian) and I've had no problems whatsoever.

Any ideas?

Scott Nicholson
scottn at

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