help needed mounting a window share

Parker, Chris Chris_Parker at
Mon Jan 29 20:08:37 GMT 2001

I am new to samba and have been through the archives as well as the online
book and have not found the solution to my problem.  So, I apologize if this
is a basic question.

I am running samba 2.0.7 on Linux kernel 2.2.14.  I am attempting to mount a
windows 98 share drive.  smbclient -L will show me the list of shares and I
can successfully connect using smbclient.  I have also been able to get
smbsh to connect.  The problem I have is with the mount command.  my fstab
entry appears as

//remote/share   /mnt/download  smbfs guest 0 0

My mount command is:

mount -t smbfs //remote/share /mnt/download -o guest

The results I get are:
mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on //remote/share,
       or too many mounted file system

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