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Hello Michael,
That message comes from a couple of places in the code;both are called after
a new smbd daemon is spawned to handle the connection of a new client to
Samba, and is calling getpeername against the socket fd that the connection
was started on.  What this message is saying is that the socket (fd) that it
was passed is no longer a valid socket, and probably means that by the time
the smbd process got to the point of making this call, the connection had
been terminated for some reason, ie the client making the connection attempt
had disappeared.
Could be any number of reasons for this.  One thing you could do to gather
more info is change your smb.conf file global parameter
log file = /usr/local/samba/var/log.%m
This would give you a separate log file for every client machine name
connecting to the Samba server, and you could track which of these machines
were making connections at the time you see these messages.
Hope this helps,

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I have the Samba-2.0.7 server operating on a HP K200 system running HP-UX
11.00.    It seems to be running
ok, but the log files contain numerous entries similar to the following
(the samba log level is set to three).

     Jan 25 20:08:15 bisup3 smbd[1862]:   getpeername failed. Error was Bad
file number
     Jan 25 20:09:46 bisup3  above message repeats 5 times
     Jan 25 19:54:38 bisup3 smbd[1862]: [2001/01/25 19:54:38, 0]
     Jan 25 20:11:34 bisup3 smbd[1862]: [2001/01/25 20:11:34, 0]

I have checked the documents provided with the source code as well as the
FAQ and do not find any
mention of this type of error message.      Is this a normal message?
Is there something that I need to
fix to eliminate these messages?

If you need additional information about this, please let me know.

Thank you for your assistance.

Michael Ewing
UNIX System Administrator
Berkley Information Services

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