Samba download-speed ok, upload not

Thorsten Hock thorsten.hock at
Mon Jan 29 16:49:03 GMT 2001

David Collier-Brown wrote:

> > i have a problem with my samba-server (V2.0.7) on Suse 7.0.
> > I am using a Win98SE-client connected via 100MBit to the Samba-server.
> > Transfer-speed from the server to the client is OK, about 5MByte/s,
> > transfer speed from the client to the server is about half the speed.
> >
> > With ftp, i get the same speed (5MB/s) for put und get, so i think
> > it´s a problem with samba.
>         Ok, that sounds likely, but just to check, did you
>         do the ftp tests from the win98 machine?

Since i don´t have a ftp-server running on the win98-machine: yepp.
> --dave (redirected to samba at c-b


MfG Thorsten

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