Samba 2.0.7 - W2K native mode

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Hello Martin,
You mention that you recreated the machine account after you moved from
mixed to native mode; did you verify that the box that enables pre Win2k
machines to use the account was checked when you re-created it?
You also mention that you changed from 'password server = *' to explicitly
naming the domain controllers in your win2k domain, and that didn't work
either.  Could you try explictly naming ONLY the root DC for the Win2k
domain, and see if that helps?
hope so,
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Hey Samba-Group,

We have samba version 2.0.7 installed on HP-UX 10.20 and 11.00. 

Yesterday evening we switched W2k from mixed to native mode. And after that
Samba wasn't working correclty anymore. 
Some shares on some server worked fine - but the most shares didn't work.
What I saw in the log-files was, that samba
found the domain, the right domain-controllers and the domain-controller
spoke to the samba-server. Untill to the user-
autentification everything looked fine. But then I got the error
wasn't able to autentify the user against the Domain.

The original setup was like:

security = domain
password server = *
encrypted password = yes
workgroup  = mydomain

That setup worked fine in the mixed mode - and also in our testlab
(separeted w2k-domain in native mode).

Than I changed to name the password servers - but that also  brought the
same result. The last change was
to switch down to security = server and name the domain-controller as
password server. But that is definitly 
not what I excpect.

What I also should mention is that I deleted and created new the server
account in the Windows Server Database 
and also did a smbpasswd to join the domain, which worked.

Does anyone of you has any idea what that error means and if there has
something to be done to fix that problem.
Every answer and idea is welcome.

thx & br
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