James Nord teilo at
Mon Jan 29 11:57:14 GMT 2001

Steve Kennedy wrote:

> I would like to automagically log-in I guess to the domain, and then
> have the printers and home dirs automagically mounted.
> Does this mean I have to upgrade to 2.2.

Yes, you  need 2.2 for Win2000 machines to join a domain

> There is another quirk, I have a laptop which I use at my main workplace
> (another company, different domain etc), I would like to just plug-into
> the network here, and again all shares to work. I'm using DHCP to set
> various things, but the workgroup stuff seems to be "hardcoded" into
> Windows (well you can set-it, but manually). IS this at all possible ?

You should (when you login) be able (to setup &) choose which domain you 
want to login.

The you get the profile for that domain.


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