Steve Kennedy steve at
Mon Jan 29 11:47:03 GMT 2001

This has probably been hashed before ...

I'm running Solaris 2.7 and want to use this as a server for a couple
for workstations (Windows2000). I've recently installed some printers
on the network via jetdirect servers. These seem to print OK from
UNIX (I haven't properly set the capabilities yet ... however I
guess that willl work soon - also been playing with HPWebAdmin stuff).

Anyway I have Samba 2.07 working as a server, using a workgroup. I
currently have set Win2k to use the workgroup, but then of course I
log-in locally to the PC.

I would like to automagically log-in I guess to the domain, and then
have the printers and home dirs automagically mounted.

Does this mean I have to upgrade to 2.2.

There is another quirk, I have a laptop which I use at my main workplace
(another company, different domain etc), I would like to just plug-into
the network here, and again all shares to work. I'm using DHCP to set
various things, but the workgroup stuff seems to be "hardcoded" into
Windows (well you can set-it, but manually). IS this at all possible ?



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