How to print on a SMB/GDI printer

jxox at jxox at
Mon Jan 29 10:42:15 GMT 2001

On Sunday 28 January 2001 22:45, you wrote:
> I'm not exactly sure what a GDI driver is, but I used the GDI driver for my
This is some kind of a lazy printer. Most of the work of a printer is done in 
software e.g. by some windows dll's. This makes those printers cheap to 
produce, but usually they only work on Windows machines and OS/2(emulation). 
The concept is very familiar to Winmodems.
> nec 1450N and it seemed to work ok

Mine is a Lexmark 3200. I can print when I connect to the printer from a win 
client, the printer driver popsup and shows the progress of the printing(on 
the server) and of course the printer starts. Doing the same from a linux box 
behaves very except that the printer doesn't start its work. 
I guess that the driver expects the data in a language my linux box doesn't 

Bye Joe

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