Samba and Lmhosts: HELP NEEDED

werner maes werner.maes at
Mon Jan 29 09:19:34 GMT 2001


This option only seems to work in one direction.
If you enable this option on the local WINS servers and direct
the information towards the central server, you can see that the
central server suddenly is aware of the local servers and holds their
But the opposite is not true: the local servers do not contain the 
information of the central server. It would be great if you have one
central server and several local servers all containing the same WINS

Is it perhaps necessary to also enable the following options on the central
server? I think so...

remote announce = a.b.c.d/Domain1 e.f.g.h/Domain2 ...
remote browse sync = a.b.c.d e.f.g.h ...

Does anybody have an idea about the correct format of the lmhosts file?
I gave an example but I am not sure if it is correct:

a.b.c.d    server1#20 (domain logon server for site1)
e.f.g.h    server2#20 (domain logon server for site2)


At 07:33 26/01/2001 -0600, Bob Dusek wrote:
>The "remote announce" and "remote browse sync" should allow a samba
>server to communicate its information to another samba server.  
>You could use this functionality, it seems, with the notion of a central
>WINS server.  When you specify your WINS configuration, you can specify
>more than one WINS server.  Configure all of your "local" WINS servers
>to "remote announce" themselves to the central server.  Then, configure
>all of your clients to use the central WINS server first.  If that
>server is down or they cannot connect to it, then they should fall back
>to the secondary WINS server, which you could configure to be the local
>WINS server (e.g. server2 for site2).
>The remote announce command(s) might look like this..
>remote announce =
>remote browse sync =
> should be the ip address of your central WINS server and
>"CDomain" should be the domain name of the domain that your central WINS
>server lives in.
>I've not actually done this on a large scale.  But, I have used the
>remote announce and remote browse sync directives before and they do
>work (between Samba WINS servers).   
>best of luck,

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