libpam_smb authenticating with samba

Pinchak Stanley spinchak at
Mon Jan 29 09:07:36 GMT 2001

    Hi, I am having problems getting a pam based linux
box to authenticate users with a samba server (2.0.7)
using libpam_smb_auth (1.1.6).  My smaba server is set
up for user level security.  The user I wish to have
authenticated is present in the unix password file on
the samba and client box.  On the client box, I
followed the mini-howto instructions on placing a * in
the /etc/shadow file for this user, setting up the
pam_smb.conf file for my samba server, and for setting
up the pam.d/login file.  
     I can login in and access shares of the samba
server using the aforementioned user using smbclient. 
However, when I try to login to the client box, the
authentication fails.  When I check the system logs on
the client box, it claims that the login failed
because the authentication service cannot retrieve
authentication info.  The samba server log files do
not show any attempts to authenticate the client.
     I use the pam_unix to authenticate on the client
instead of pam_pwdb that the howto shows, could this
be the problem?  Also what are the required smb.conf
settings needed to do the authentication that I want
to do?  Any help in this matter would be appreciated,
even pointers to the correct documentation would help.
 Thanks in advance

Stanley Pinchak
spinchak at

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