question on smb.conf...WORKGROUP=workgroup

Ben Choong Mun Sin benchoong at
Mon Jan 29 01:09:13 GMT 2001

Hi All,


I've recently installed Samba (on Solaris 2.6) and have noticed some strange
behaviours.  If I set the workgroup (in smb.conf) to WORKGROUP, I'll able to
see my server name under Server and workgroup name under Workgroup when I
run smbclient -NL <hostname>.  But if workgroup is set to any other names
then both my server and workgroup name will disappear from the Server and
Workgroup lists.

The share directories' names will still show up in the Sharename list
regardless of what I've set the workgroup name to.  Furthermore, I've got no
problem accessing the share directories (using smbclient <samba share


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