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Sun Jan 28 17:07:58 GMT 2001

Hi to all, 

i am a student in an engineering college in india and am currently a newbie in the world of samba...

we have to configure samba services for the network of our college and the ( not to say daunting :-) ) task is assigned to me for the benefit of all the students.

i have not started with any reference material and am also unable to find a proper channel to start off.

our college network has the following structure -->

we have individual labs with just _one main subnet_ for all the departments and they have diskless terminals as clients of a Netware server present in each lab individually. each lab also has WinNT server of it's own along with the Netware server which serves the _with disk_ Win98 client machines which can in turn connect to both the above mentioned servers.
also we have recently eshtablished some of the diskless terminals as the clients of a Red Hat Linux 7.0 server and wish to share files across all these servers. 

since each machine has it's individual login and password, is it possible to share the authentication process and just get one login and password to enable access to all the networks at once ?

also there is one more part in the above problem; we have a WinNT server _connected to the internet_ serving to all the labs as our main Gateway and it also shares the files across the Win98 client machines on the networks of the different labs.
all these connections are eshtablished through hubs present individually for each lab and these finally eshtablish connection to the main WinNT ( internet )machine.

now we wish to eshtablish internet connection in all the individual machines and also wish to have common file sharing across all the labs.

so i needed suggestions on improving the structure of the network; that is if the individual subnets should be eshtablished for all the networks and then the files should be shared or will this comlicate the matters further ? any types of help will be really useful to me.
please also provide, if possible, details about the best way to start with the above project.

thanking you,
vishal kapoor ( India ) 

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