Multi user access to 1 data file

dkwok dkwok at
Sun Jan 28 03:08:28 GMT 2001

I have posted before on this issue.

Thank you for some reply I 've got so far.

However it does not seem to solve my problem yet.

Thank you for Chris on the issue of Win95 client causing data corruption on
shared data file.

However, the problem is not only that Win95 corrupted data file. In
addition, the access time read and write is much slower if the data file is
put on Samba server compared to a Win98 machine.

What I have tried so far are:

oplocks = no
level2 oplock = no
ole compatibility = no
oplocks content limit = 4 (although I am not sure whether this is to do with
the no. of acces client? Could anyone enlighten me on this issue)

I heard that win98 vredir.vxd has significant improved and will not cause
any data corruption. However I don't know whether I should still turn off
the cache


The main question is why the performance of Win98 as a file server in this
case much better than Samba. With 2 client sharing a data file. Win98 update
a file in 5 seconds compared to 1 min in the case of Samba server.

Could someone from the Samba Team to comment this? This is probably too
technical for users!

I would appreciate any suggestion or any pointers.

David Kwok

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