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I haven't had that problem specifically but setting

        level2 oplocks = Yes   on the share that hosts the mdb will make it
run a lot faster when you get more users on it.  Have you checked
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> Hi --
> I'm trying to move an MS Access database (.mdb file) from an
> MS Windows-based server to a Linux-based server running Samba.
> Multiple users on Win98-based workstations can open the database
> when it is hosted on the Windows server.  However, when the
> database is moved to the Linux server and the same users attempt
> to do the same thing only the first user can open the database.
> When another user attempts to open it, Access complains that
> there are too many users.  The help info says that the number
> of users is limited to 255.  We only have 2.  Can anyone give me
> any information on this problem and/or point me to where I can
> find such info?
> Thanks for any input.
>      ... doug
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