Fw: multi user access to 1 data file

dkwok dkwok at iware.com.au
Fri Jan 26 20:51:19 GMT 2001

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From: dkwok <dkwok at iware.com.au>
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Date: Sunday, January 21, 2001 10:01 AM
Subject: multi user access to 1 data file

I am running v2.0.7 and have set up a network drive for an accounting ledger
system. The software is called MYOB and is quite popular in Australia. This
is the first time I have to deal with multi user access to 1 data file.

My setup is:


oplocks = yes
socket options = TCP_NODELAY
socket options = IPTOS_LOWDELAY

force group = office
directory mask = 0770
browesable = yes
writable = no
readonly = no
creat mask =0770

The MYOB program is executed local at workstation and only ccess data
through the network drive. When only 1 workstation accessing the data the
performance is quite normal. However, as soon as another workstation logged
onto and accessing the same data file. The performance is not so slow that
it takes 2 minutes to record a transaction.

I have relocated the same data file into a win98 machine and all workstation
access it from that machine. The performance is then back to normal. So
either Samba is working differently when it is in multi user mode. This is
only accessing data therefore we should be talking about file locking,
transfer, read and write, etc.

Please send me any pointers or tech reference in how to resolve this issue.

David Kwok

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