Wierd Error "The directory name is invalid", Moving to 2.2?

Pit Pat pitpat at dhnw.net
Fri Jan 26 20:08:10 GMT 2001


I have samba setup as a PDC, user level security, and I have some wierd
errors on Win2k clients (I know they cant join the domain etc).

In a nutshell, when i double-click a file such as:
\\server\share\x.txt in explorer, it gives a "The directory name is invalid
error". I can, though, do a sendto->notepad and it works fine. I also can
file|open->file in notepad.

This error does not occur when the file is decended another directory ie:

This only happens with win2k clients, 98 works fine in both cases, and i
have no NT workstation machines to try.

Is this another simple win2k hates the world case? Any loopholes to work
around this? I am assuming samba 2.2x fixes this. For a production
enviroment, would you suggest i give 2.2 a shot? Since there will be
numerous 2k machines running around, and I really would like to have it
process them under the domain. Are there any stability problems once it is
up and working?



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