Auth Problem

Stéfano Stochi Schotten yes at
Fri Jan 26 16:12:25 GMT 2001

Hi guys

I'd configured (hope well) an Samba server using SWAT, the problem is that I need authentication by user level and it doesn't work, as guest, if it's allowed, it's 100 %, but by user, impossible.
I create a linux user named douglas with a password and created the same user within the same password using SWAT. The user have /bin/bash.

Here is a copy of my smb.conf

Help me please.

# Global parameters
          workgroup = INFORMATICA
          netbios name = GRANAMIR TESTES
          server string = Granamir Testes
          security = SHARE
          debug level = 0

          comment = Diretorio Home
          path = /home
          valid users = douglas
          writeable = Yes


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