Samba and Lmhosts: HELP NEEDED

Brecht Samyn Brecht.Samyn at
Fri Jan 26 14:12:39 GMT 2001

Curtis Maurand wrote:

> ...
> I would hope that your network is more reliable than what you infer,
> especially if its a campus.  You can have a departmental WINS and a central
> one.  primary is the central.  As for a single point of failure, you could
> cluster a couple of 486's to do this job.  We're talking about a process
> that has almost no load on it.  Its only memory intensive and not much of
> that either.

What do you mean by clustering? You can't have more than one samba wins server
(as you said)?

> NMBD on *nix is *very* reliable.  If you  have problems with network
> connections dropping, then you have bigger troubles than the nmbd daemon
> going away.  I'd be working on network reliability.

If some sites are 125km away from your central WINS server, you should be
prepared to the worst ;-)

> a common lmhosts file is a bandaid.  Worse, how do you plan to keep it
> updated?

Updating (at night) some 20 samba WINS-server lmhosts files from one central
file is not too bad, is it?


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