Samba 2.0.7 - W2K native mode

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Fri Jan 26 14:02:32 GMT 2001

"Schretzmeier, Martin" wrote:
> Hey Samba-Group,
> We have samba version 2.0.7 installed on HP-UX 10.20 and 11.00.
> Yesterday evening we switched W2k from mixed to native 
> mode. And after that Samba wasn't working correclty anymore.
> Some shares on some server worked fine - but the most 
> shares didn't work. What I saw in the log-files was, that 
> samba found the domain, the right domain-controllers and 
> the domain-controller spoke to the samba-server. Untill 
> to the user- autentification everything looked fine. But then 
> I got the error "NT_STATUS_INVALID_COMPUTER_NAME". And samba
> wasn't able to autentify the user against the Domain.
> The original setup was like:
> security = domain
> password server = *
> encrypted password = yes
> workgroup  = mydomain
> That setup worked fine in the mixed mode - and also in 
> our testlab (separeted w2k-domain in native mode).
> Than I changed to name the password servers - but 
> that also  brought the same result. The last change was
> to switch down to security = server and name the 
> domain-controller as password server. But that is 
> definitly not what I excpect.
> What I also should mention is that I deleted and 
> created new the server account in the Windows 
> Server Database and also did a smbpasswd to join the 
> domain, which worked.
> Does anyone of you has any idea what that error means 
> and if there has something to be done to fix that problem.
> Every answer and idea is welcome.


Can you reproduce this error using the latest SAMBA_2_2
cvs code?  Also could you send me (offline) a level 10
debug log surrounding the error?  Also, is the Win2k DC
running with or without SP1?

Win2k is supposed to provide full backwards compatibility 
with NetBIOS and ntlmv1.  I would be very interested in 
what is failing.

Cheers, jerry
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