Samba and Lmhosts: HELP NEEDED

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Fri Jan 26 12:35:36 GMT 2001

That scheme is why WINS was developed in the first place.  All machines on
the network should be talking to the same WINS server regardless of the
domain.  that will solve your problem.  The WINS server could be halfway
around the world.  As long as hosts on your network can query it, it'll


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Subject: Samba and Lmhosts: HELP NEEDED

>   Hello,
> I would like to use an lmhosts file to solve the following problem:
> At our university we have different sites with Samba servers. They all
> serve as domain logon servers (and WINS-servers) for several
> domains. People from one departement log on to the Samba server of their
> domain. The problem occurs when
> they go (fysically) to another site where they would like to log on and
> obtain their shares from their homesite.
> Therefore I wanted to make an general lmhosts file which has the Netbios
> names of all the logon servers for
> all the domains. This file would be placed on each logon server in
> /etc/lmhosts. On all the logon servers I would
> also have "name resolve order = lmhosts wins bcast".
> Example lmhosts file:
> a.b.c.d    server1#20 (domain logon server for site1)
> a.b.c.d    domain1#1b
> e.f.g.h    server2#20 (domain logon server for site2)
> e.f.g.h    domain2#1b
> The windows clients (win98) are configured according to the specific site.
> Network Neigbourhood: Enable Wins-resolution, wins-server = server1 for
> clients in site1
>     wins-server = server 2 for clients in site 2
> So a user wants to logon to server2 but who is fysically in site1 (where
> the clients refer to the wins-server of site1).
> He fills in his userid and password and types in his domain (in the
> Client for Microsoft Networks) and tries to logon. THIS FAILS
> Error ==>No domain server was available to validate your password.
> TEST: If we change the configuration of the Windows client in site1:
> wins-server = wins-server of site2. Then it is possible to logon
> from site1 to the server in site2. The logon script is being executed.
> This seems evident because the logon server2 is found in the
> WINS database.
> My question:
> What's wrong with my lmhosts file? Why is the logon server not found? Or
> other configuration settings?
> I also tried adding "a.b.c.d    domain1#1c" to the lmhosts file but this
> did not help either.
> Any information would be greatly appricated,
> Werner Maes
> LUDIT-KULeuven

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