Odd/even-number-of-letter PDC question:

Ken D'Ambrosio kend at employees.org
Fri Jan 26 09:09:13 GMT 2001

Is this bug fixed?  I've got a (eight-letter, of course) domain that I
want to add to a Samba PDC, and, well, it ain't working.  Since it's noted
as a bug, I'd leave it alone, but then it says, "Hmm.., we believe that
this bug is fixed, but see below" in the FAQ.  Unfortunately, "below"
doesn't seem to have any further pertinent info, and the latest CVS still
fails (whereas odd-numbered domains work fine).  And I'd say "The Hell
with it" except that I've already got a couple dozen people with their
machines set up for the eight-character domain, and it'd be a royal pain
for them (and me) to change it.

Thanks yet again,


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