hmm. D'oh. write_socket_data error

Chris Herrmann chris at
Fri Jan 26 01:11:42 GMT 2001

> How can I make samba less paranoid about doing lookups? Currently it's
> the default, which is host lmhost wins bcast . I ended up adding all of
> ip's and computers to /etc/hosts , without luck. If i ping an IP address:

Just wondering, why do you think it is the lookups that causes these errors?

A couple of clues we had poking around a few mailing lists, where it looked
like we were getting problems because samba tried to look up the client
first by one method, then a second, successfully finds it, and then returns
to the windows client who has by this stage given up. Unfortunately I can't
give you a more scientific explanation than that!

I see that you have problems with only 9x clients.  Isnt there an option in
explorer for 9x
clients that takes the network disks 'offline' after a certain amount of
time?  Would not this
cause a "Broken pipe" whenever the disk goes offline after being idle for

No - this is a problem logging in - there are no problems once you're logged
in, or connecting to smb shares.

Will let you know if i find something sensible :o)

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