Permissions Problem

Dustin Butler dustin at
Fri Jan 26 00:51:57 GMT 2001

Hi Crazy Samba People,

I've set up a share with the following attributes.

  path = /home/test
  comment = Testing Permissions
  write list = +Accounting
  read list = +Accounting

The directory /home/test has the following permissions

drwxrwxrwx   2 root     root         4096 Jan 25 11:23 test

I'm connecting from a windows workstation with a user that is not in the
Accounting group.  When I try to copy a file to the share I get an accessed
denied message, which is what I want.  When I read a file from the share I
am able to do so successfully which is not what I want.  I realize Samba
must use the system file permissions but shouldn't the config override them
for reading as it did for the writing?


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