Samba quota 'feature' fix?

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Thu Jan 25 20:31:05 GMT 2001

Jon Monroe wrote:
| In other words, if I enable quotas on my RH6.2 / 2.2.16-22 kernel 
| box and then write a file via Samba/Windows client that exceeds the 
| quota, every byte written from the Windows client to the local 
| (no NFS) Linux Samba share is written anyway, except that the data 
| seems to be all zeros? Every byte before the quota is as it should

	Yes, that's the write failing but the file length 
	being increased.  

	To make this even more fun, a commentator here found
	windows applications which extend the file first, to
	supposedly get it allocated on NTFS: these ones will
	create a Unix "holey" file...

	The same thing can happen on a nearly-full drive: the
	file gets created with nothing there, and the application
	can't fill in the spaces, because it doesn't have enough
	quota or physical disk space.

	If you can identify the app that's writing the files,
	and do a network capture, we **might** be able to 
	suggest a fix for some but not all possible cases...

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