Network Path not found

Julian Sinclair j.sinclair at
Thu Jan 25 15:14:56 GMT 2001


We have had samba (2.0.0) running here for a number of years without any
problems. However, we will soon be getting some windows 2000 machines
added to the network and there will be need to upgrade to a newer

In preparation for this move I decided to convert our current encryted
passwords = no to yes as I am much happier having these things

I edited smb.conf and added the line encrypt passwords = Yes, killed the
smbd and restarted it. Ran testparm to check the change (no problem).
Tested the connection on my test machine which did not have the plain
text registry hack on it and it was fine.

Happy with the test I reverted back to no encryption and check with
testparm to confirm.

But, now I cannot connect to the samba server from the normal machines
as when I try to browse from the Windows Exploreron NT SP5 I get the
following error:

"The network path was not found."

Still works fine on Win98 machine here and I can still connect to other
windows machines and samba servers here from the WINNt machines.

Does anyone have any ideas what has happened ?


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