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Alin Osan aline at home.ro
Thu Jan 25 08:26:45 GMT 2001

On 23 Jan 2001, at 14:07, Adlerberth Niklas (BAF Teknikgruppen) wrote:

> Hi...
> I have a problem whith my samba (Sun box). Its configured to allow two
> diffrent nets (193.12.151 and 194.22.140) to connect to the server.
> The smaba box is placed on the 193 net. Its ok to connect from my
> computer (NT workstation) from the 194... net, but when clients try to
> connect from the 193 net they cant find the samba server ??. Could it
> be that they are running win95 or is it som netconfiguration ?? PLEASE
> PLEASE PLEASE help me out with this one, and excuse my bad english.. 
> /NIklas Adlerberth 
> BAF - Tkn. grp.
> niklas.adlerberth at baf.bonnier.se
> +46 8 736 5848

On "hosts allow =      " you must have that class listed. The clients 
also must be configured properly (domain/workgroup, WINS server 
if you use it and I recomend to use it, and so on).

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