Red Hat 6.2 vs NT/Windows 2K

Alin Osan aline at
Thu Jan 25 08:17:31 GMT 2001

On 24 Jan 2001, at 16:38, Peter Klosky wrote:

> Samba Folks,
> Can anyone suggest who would contract some time to answer this
> question for money?  We really do want to solve this problem, and have
> a budget.
> Peter
> > I see in some other traffic on this list that someone else has
> > Windows NT and/or Windows 2000 working with Samba shares for a Red
> > Hat 6.2 box.  Our situation is that it does not work at all, and
> > never gets past protocol negotiation.  This time, I've included both
> > our /etc/smb.conf and the log file.  Again, our shares work
> > perfectly with Windows 95 clients.
> Can anyone who has gotten a share to work send an /etc/smb.conf and/or
> any comments?
> Peter

Hi Peter,

I have a Samba server (RH 6.2 kernel 2.4.0, samba 2.0.7) that 
successfully allows shares to users.
But before we set-up a share on a Samba server I must know what 
are your needs and then we'll make an appropriate smb.conf.
Let me know.

BTW, money is not an issue for me on this. I would gladly help you.

Alin Osan
Network Administrator
"Fundatia Casa"
phone 059467200
fax   059467202

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