Red Hat 6.2 vs NT/Windows 2K

Chris Herrmann chris at
Wed Jan 24 22:12:39 GMT 2001

Hmm... Has anyone had experience upgrading 2.0.6 to 2.0.7? I'm a bit of a
newbie with some of this stuff - configuring a conf file is no problem, but
I generally muddle through compiling & making the hard way. Any quick
pointers for removing 2.0.6, and installing 2.0.7? (RH6.2)

Thanks all,


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In fact we do not have the 2.0.7 you suggest.  Some select items follow from
the command:

rpm -q -a | sort


I guess it would not be a bad idea for me to figure out how to download some
binaries and installl them.  Thanks for the information,


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