Regarding slow transfer speeds with Samba --> Windows and FA311

Damien Joldersma damien.joldersma at
Wed Jan 24 02:18:56 GMT 2001

I recently ran into significant problems with a network configuration in
which transfers from the samba linux box to a windows box was taking a
unreasonbly large amount of time. Transfer speeds looked like 5k/sec vs
ftp with the same file/machine setup, 750k/sec.

I found a solution to my problem. My problem I think was something the
duplex mode whether it was incorrectly configured in the driver and/or
swith router I'm not sure.  My solution was to not use the fa311.o
module available from netgear's website but instead use the natsemi
driver located at

After installing this driver, my speed problems went away.

I hope this helps anyone else who is struggling!

-Damien Joldersma
damien.joldersma at

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