newbie question.. please help

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> > I have a samba file server running on redhat 6.2 
> > and everything works great besides a daily annoyance. 
> > every NT and 2000 client that connects to it must
> > enter there share password everytime they connect. 
> > the 98/95 clients always remember the password and 
> > login automaticlly. can someone tell me what the
> > problem is or point me in the right direction to 
> > fix it? I just want the NT based computer to not have 
> > to enter there password everytime..

NT prompts for a password when the remote SMB server does not
support password encryption.  Enable encryption and you 
should be ok (assuming all the passwords are the same).

Also, as far as I know, NT does not support the Win9x 
style *.pwl files (thankfully).

Cheers, jerry
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