newbie question.. please help

Morrison, Bradley A. bradm at
Wed Jan 24 17:56:50 GMT 2001

I don't have an answer, but I *would* like to know the inverse, i.e., how do
I force Win9x clients to provide a password when establishing shares?  I
know, it's weird, but we just got stung by a PC user who opened a Love Bug
attachment while attached to a major, top-level UNIX directory full of
Landmark data (20,000+ JPEGs clobbered).  Management had me turn Samba off,
it's been off for more than two weeks, now, and I've been spending more time
in meetings than usual, lately--bleah.

Hope none of you were eating when you read this... :-\

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> Subject:	newbie question.. please help
> I have a samba file server running on redhat 6.2 and everything works
> great
> besides a daily annoyance. every NT and 2000 client that connects to it
> must
> enter there share password everytime they connect. the 98/95 clients
> always
> remember the password and login automaticlly. can someone tell me what the
> problem is or point me in the right direction to fix it? I just want the
> NT
> based computer to not have to enter there password everytime..
> John Kuhn

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