Network Busy

Tim Potter tpot at
Wed Jan 24 17:33:00 GMT 2001

Joe Newby writes:

> >I think this is a configuration problem though.  If you use the
> >'hosts allow' parameter and connecting clients do not have
> >reverse ip addresses in the DNS then the connection will be
> >blocked.  If this is the case then the samba log file should be
> >filled with messages like 'gethostbyaddr failed for a.b.c.d' and
> >'denied connection from a.b.c.d'.
> Yes, my log files are full of those type of error messages, and looking at
> the documentation I see that dns proxy is on by default.
> If I turned that off (dns proxy), would that stop this from happening?

I don't think so.  

What happens when you run 'nslookup a.b.c.d' where a.b.c.d is one
of the IP addresses in the log file messages mentioned above?


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