let me say it really loud!!RE: can't login in mornings

Larry Clark xwindowuser at discflo.com
Wed Jan 24 00:32:43 GMT 2001

Chris Herrmann asks: and I replied:
> if you don't use server authentication, but try and log into a samba box in
> it's own right how does it go?

**you mean not have it go thru the NT pDC? or what ? please

> A couple of things that have made logins slow/problematic for us in the
> past:

**here I have answered these questions:
> - Novell / IPX

** we are using novell netware on the wire too...!!!

> - Default protocol order - you don't want a client to try and find the samba
> server first by ipx and then by ip, as it will time out before the server
> responds

** default protocol order, in what ? the samba server? or the win9x
boxes? we do not use NT workstation here at this company....

> - is samba using the wins server, and have you disabled it's internal wins
> server?

yes it is usiing the WINS server, and no it is not acting as a WINS

> - Are clients using the wins server?

yes they are.....

> - Does the samba server announce itself?

** remote announce? yes it does, in this way: remote announce =

> - Can you do a reverse lookup on clients - samba tries to do this, and if it
> doesn't find the name fast enough the client will miss the response.

** I am a little insure what you mean by a reverse lookup, there are
something I am still learning the terms to... I can ping by netbios name

> see lots of broken pipe/connection messages in machine.log

** have looked for machine.log, can't find it. looking for samba

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> What is the use of having samba as a server if every morning I have to
> go around to everyones computer and re map the dirves they need? not
> much good in a production setting is it? well I have sent this letter to
> the whole samba team, maybe they will get a clue and work on
> it......hummmmm????
> Larry Clark wrote:
> >
> > I am trying this one again, I have a 10/100 mg switched network, NT and
> > novell also run on it. I have two(2) samba servers on the network. in
> > the mornings, when people come in and try to logon, they can logon to
> > the NT and novell servers, yet the logon to the samba servers are slow,
> > and most of the time they cannot connect and ask if next time they want
> > to try to connect, obviuosly they say yes, but this time after the whole
> > weekend, they all came in and cannot lo in. even if I go into the
> > windows explorer and click on the red x'ed out share, they sometimes
> > still don't connect. we have a WINS server on the wire for name
> > resolution, and there is a PDC which the samba server has an account.
> > for the life of me, I can't map a drive and consistently have it connect
> > after the night. mornings are a night mare and noone can connect, any
> > one else have this problem? thanks....

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