Network Busy

Tim Potter tpot at
Tue Jan 23 22:47:18 GMT 2001

Gerald Carter writes:

> > The daily postings are probably a result of the 
> > error msgs happening nearly every day.
> > 
> > Maybe if it gets posted often enough, someone at the 
> > Samba team might begin to think it's something worth 
> > looking at.
> If you will give me a reproducible test case, I'll fix it.
> Deal?  Since the samba at list mainly deals with 
> configuration help, it is easy for bug report to get overlooked.

I think this is a configuration problem though.  If you use the
'hosts allow' parameter and connecting clients do not have
reverse ip addresses in the DNS then the connection will be
blocked.  If this is the case then the samba log file should be
filled with messages like 'gethostbyaddr failed for a.b.c.d' and
'denied connection from a.b.c.d'.

A solution would be to use the 'wins hook' to set up a dynamic
dns thing, put all DHCP ip addresses in the DNS, or update the
documentation. (-:


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