Print spoolfile non-unique filenames

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Tue Jan 23 14:59:14 GMT 2001

Hi all,

Since samba 2.0.7 (samba-2.0.7-21ssl.i386.rpm) in the RedHat 7.0 
distro. When printing from win95 to a samba printer, the print file 
appears in the spool directory (path=) with the same filename as it 
had on the win95 client - ie not unique.

This causes loads of problems when more than one person is 
printing the same document or the same person prints a document 
more than once and quickly enought so that the first print job has'nt 
finished processing ( why they can't use numcopies is a mystery - 
see Excel 97 )

I have tried to write various wrapper scripts to make a quick copy of 
the file to a unique filename before printing but it just aint quick 

Can you tell me if this has been fixed in later releases and/or the 
developers know about it? Any ideas would be appriciated.

Thanks for reading.

Benjamin Cant
Software Engineer

Digital Product Management Ltd.
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