samba user name case sensitivity

Anthony.M.Asleson at Anthony.M.Asleson at
Tue Jan 23 00:18:19 GMT 2001

I have an account on my linux box that has both upper and lower case in the
user name (and home directory) and this is the only account I cannot get
working with samba.  I am using encrypted passwords and all of the other
accounts work, but they have lower case user names.  smbpasswd does not
appear to be case sensitive when changing user passwords, although the
smbpasswd file appears to be stored in a case sensitive format.

It looks like to me that share names, user names and hostnames are all case
in-sensitive when connecting to a windows server with smbclient.  It also
appears that this is true for samba (as long as the unix user name is all
lower case).

Changing the user name to all lower case is not an option at this time.
Using NT 4.0 sp5 and samba 2.07

Any ideas?


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