Samba and quotas

Alin Osan aline at
Tue Jan 23 07:08:01 GMT 2001

On 22 Jan 2001, at 12:35, Peter Kaagman wrote:

> Hi all,
> Being new on this list I do not really know if this is the correct
> list to post. After searching the archives I am pretty sure the answer
> is not yet here (or I can't search, which can be true)
> My problem is as follows
> We are currently testing a Linux/Samba server to host the home shares
> for about 1000 students at our school (the test is conducted with just
> 10 of them).
> With ca 1000 students you can imagine the need for disk quotas
> (otherwise my system will crash after the x-th download off WinZip and
> such).
> Linux offers diskquotas without any pain. I had it up and running
> within one afternoon.
> Samba on the other end did not complain when a student exceeded his
> quota, it just made zero-size files. I then learned about the
> configure option --with-quotas.
> At the moment I've got an recompilled version off samba with this
> option. The effect is that samba somehow overrules the qouta and
> writes the file after the quota is exceeded. Logged on as that user
> via ssh I learned that I can not make another file in  the shell
> because the quota is exceeded. So quotas are still in effect.
> I've  not been able to find any information on this option to solve
> this behavior. So if anyone could point me in the right direction (or
> even have a solution on the boilerplate :-) ) ?
> Groetjes
> Peter Kaagman / Systeembeheer Atlas College

Hi Peter,

I hope I can help you out.
Samba has nothing to do with quotas. I have about the same 
situation at my work an quota works just fine.
Are you sure that your kernel supports quota?
Tell me more about your system.

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