"\r\n" vs "\n" between Unix and Win

Medi Montaseri medi at CyberShell.com
Mon Jan 22 21:07:22 GMT 2001

Is there any solution in Samba for the following text file differences
among Unix and Dos/Win.

My user creates a text (flat file) on his windows box via Notepad.
Naturally there is "\r\n" at then end of each line. User then
moves this file to a Unix box (via Drive Mapping, drag-and-drop).
User then logins to the unix box via telnet and run the text file
which is a script. 


While Samba has considered all sorts of issues with File Names and
Attributes (or modes) and provides mappings or conversion between
the two systems, I don't seem to find any feature that converts
a Text file from one system to another. Recall FTP does this in
ASCII mode. Using FTP as a references, Samba seems to move things
around in Binary mode. 


- Is there any configuration switch to enable this.
- If not, is it possible to hack a solution, say a magic filter.
- What if I use a Printer like resource and then send the file
  thru a home grown filter


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