can't login in mornings

Matthew Brown matthew.brown at
Mon Jan 22 20:05:00 GMT 2001

I just had a chance to try this today.  It seems to have cleared up the
problem for me.  I did not even put hostnames next to the IP's.

Matthew Brown
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> I am trying this one again, I have a 10/100 mg switched network, NT and
> novell also run on it. I have two(2) samba servers on the network. in
> the mornings, when people come in and try to logon, they can logon to
> the NT and novell servers, yet the logon to the samba servers are slow,
> and most of the time they cannot connect and ask if next time they want
> to try to connect, obviuosly they say yes, but this time after the whole
> weekend, they all came in and cannot lo in. even if I go into the
> windows explorer and click on the red x'ed out share, they sometimes
> still don't connect. we have a WINS server on the wire for name
> resolution, and there is a PDC which the samba server has an account.
> for the life of me, I can't map a drive and consistently have it connect
> after the night. mornings are a night mare and noone can connect, any
> one else have this problem? thanks....

YES!!!  ME!!!  (At least I used to)
At least I think it's the same problem, can't be sure.

But if it is, then I have BAD news - you'll have to live
with a nasty KLUDGE and you won't get a REAL answer
about the problem from anyone here.
(I've posted about this several times trying to get one)

Try adding entries in your /etc/hosts for every IP on
your network, even if they're handed out by DHCP and you
don't know the hostname for sure, just use fake names.
As long as there's an entry in /etc/hosts for that IP
you should get instantaneous connections like you do
for NT servers.

If that does the trick, then email me and I'll tell you
what I know of the problem (dare I say B*G?) instead of
treating the list to another of my rants about not getting
a real answer from the Samba team.

David L. Jarvis
David at

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