Slow writes during a slow read.

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Mon Jan 22 11:49:35 GMT 2001

Hello Anton,

Monday, January 22, 2001, 10:30:06 AM, you wrote:

AdW> I have an NT server with 2 drives mapped to a samba server running on
AdW> Solaris 7.

AdW> The Solaris machine has special SCSI hardware that reads certain files
>>from tape but presents them as files on a file system.

>>From the NT machine I map 2 drives to the samba server. On the one
AdW> connection I copy files into one share, on the other connection I read
AdW> files from a different share.

AdW> Everything goes fine until the share I'm reading from hits a file that has
AdW> to be retreived from tape. It takes a long time to read this (which is
AdW> fine) BUT at the same time the process writing to the OTHER share that has
AdW> nothing to do with this connection slows down dramatically as well.

AdW> Any ideas why this happens and what I can do to fix it.

Maybe the system load of the solaris machine when accessing the tape
drive is very high, so this causes writes to the system to also slow
down. Try monitoring the Solaris systems' load when slow reads from
the tape occur.

AdW> Thanx

AdW> Anton

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