smbfs glitch

Urban Widmark urban at
Sun Jan 21 23:02:58 GMT 2001

On Sun, 21 Jan 2001 nfudd at wrote:

> Ah, I see... up till now I thought it was just connecting once and
> letting the connection sit there.

It does.

But servers tend to drop connections that are idle. When that happens
there will be an error on the next attempt at sending a request so smbfs
tells smbmount to reconnect. That is not the problem.

What you are seeing is a bug where smbfs tells smbmount to reconnect, but
then smbfs doesn't wait for the connection and returns EIO immediately.
smbmount will then fail and crash. remount time.

Try 2.2.18 without cronjob, you are not supposed to need it.


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