Network dropouts with larger than 5mb tranfers ???

lunix lunix at
Sun Jan 21 04:29:40 GMT 2001

Hiya peeps,
		I am succesfully using samba 2.07 (installed from tarball) on a redhat
7.0 server. I have domain logins and roaming profiles werking perfectly.
The only problem I have is when more than 5mb is moved at a time to a
samba share the network  completely drops out. I then have to do
/etc/init.d/network restart to recover. I have the following hardware :

Pentium Pro 200, 128mb ram, 100mb rtl8139 network card, surecom ethernet
switch (unmanaged).

Software :  RedHat 7.0   2.2.16-22 (standard)
            Samba 2.07 compiled from source code
	    Windblows 98 on all clients

I hope I have given enuf info to help. If anything else is need then
email me a request.



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