Using Samba as an NT-profile-server

Thomas Langås tlan at
Sat Jan 20 03:47:51 GMT 2001

Martin Radford:
> [profile]
> path = %H/.profile/`/usr/local/samba/etc/labdependent %M`/
> where /usr/local/samba/etc/labdependent would be a script taking a
> single argument, and having a string as output.  This could be made
> arbitrarily complex - for example, you could allow certain users to
> connect only from certain machines.

I actually started working on something now that would work like this:

enhanced path = /program/bin/ %I

The value of "enhanced path" will be treated like a program, and popen will
be called on it. popen will read one line, and continue. This means that the
script/program itself can return the whole path as it should be (ie. with %H


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