reconnect is difficult after a night of sleep...

Larry Clark xwindowuser at
Fri Jan 19 18:43:16 GMT 2001

I have been struggling with this for weeks now and I can't figure out
the answer. I have samba running on site and am using it as a file
server. after everyone go's home and loggs out, in the morning some of
us have to reconnect after we log in. I have several drives mapped to
the samba server and some people connect no problems. it takes a few
seconds longer than when they reconnect to the NT and netware servers,
but they connect. others will get an error saying couldn't connect do
you want to restore the connect ion the next timeyou log in? and they
hit yes and then they have to go it and click on th emapped drive and
hope it reconnects. otherwise they use a batch file I created, basically
for reconnection. IE: net use r: \\sambaserver\directoryshare   then
they can go about their business. why is this happening. this server is
in a domain, and is a wins client for name resolution. so what is
happeniong regarding the reconnection status? thanks....I have had this
problem for a while now, I just installed some switches a few months
ago, would that have anything to do with it? thanks...

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